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The idea of new Teaching and Learning process at SGI is to encourage students to go beyond bookish theory, experiment with the fundamentals in laboratories, and engage in research work, thereby gaining hands on application of the subject matter and to put in practice the things learned in the classroom sessions thereby the students not only “LEARN IT, BUT ALSO APPLY IT”


The new teaching and learning methodology has been broadly classified under two major categories namely formal education delivery and informal education delivery. The formal education delivery is followed by most of the institutions.


The difference is the incorporation of informal education delivery which is divided into sub categories as :


• Group Assignments 5 to 6 students are identified as a group. Each group will comprise of 2 average, 2 weak and 1 intelligent student. These students shall present their assignments in form of presentations, group discussions & role plays
• Formation of various committees’ placement committee, publication & press committee, event handling committee, alumni committee, etc.
• Formation of various clubs technical clubs, social sector clubs, culture & art clubs, sports clubs, etc.
• The responsibilities of clubs are to Maintain database, Interact with industry, government bodies, NGO's, cultural centers etc, find sponsorships and funding sources, creation of annual activity calendar, ensuring smooth conduction of all planned activities and events, create budget requirements , monitor expenditure and get audited, in general manage the committee as a business, media management.



• Senior to junior mentoring
• Faculty hired as mentors, certain number of faculty's primary role is mentoring rather than class lectures and tutorials.


Improvisation on Formal Education Delivery

• Preamble for each subject has been created: preamble captures the spirit and essence of that particular subject and it provides motivation to the student.
• Web -Portal for each subject
• Alternative practical set ups in labs
• Scholarship and entrepreneurship budgets allocated per branch per lab
• Availability of all infrastructural resources 12x7(the resources include labs, library, classrooms, etc.




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